Fill In The Blank

by Follow Forward

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released May 1, 2004



all rights reserved


Follow Forward Arkansas

Here are some low-quality rough ideas that are rudely conceived and even more poorly executed.

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Track Name: Everybody Cries
Everybody cries. Everybody can't hide. So stop playing games with me and tell me what it is to be by your side. The one who you hold and love. I've never felt this close to you I'm not sure what to do. I'll let it ride. I'll let this feeling die. I'll let it ride. I'll let this feeling die. Smile on your face. Hints at sorrow. Why won't you let me in where do I begin. Then it all hits the fan. When I see you with your man. Why couldn't you tell me. Don't you possess any honesty.
Track Name: The Boy With A Hole In His Chest
And everyone stops to stare. It is a little bit more than I can bare. I can hear them all whisper loud. There is the boy with the hole in his chest. I never got the words out my mouth. I guess my tongue wasn't strong enough. Now my words will never caress your ears. And I'll never quench my fears. Trying to piece them back together. Important internal organs. I can't seem to make them fit. I guess I'm still missing one.
Track Name: Don't Cry
Oh baby don't cry I'll console your heart. Oh baby don't cry you are an instrumental part. You hold me together in trying times. You are the reason you are the rhyme. Oh I'll be there, I'm everywhere. Oh baby don't cry I'll console your heart. Oh baby don't cry you are an instrumental part. When you go away I know my heart won't stay. It will be there with you please let me come too.
Track Name: Awkward Moment
I'll take this awkward moment away. I'll be the one to turn and walk away. You don't have to worry about me. I didn't really want you to see. You gave me quite a scare. With that look with that stare. Did I see what I thought. You desperately want. I won't be able to sleep. I won't be able to think. I won't be able to feed. My feelings with you. I'll take this awkward moment and bury it down. Don't speak to me. No no don't make a sound.
Track Name: Fill In The Blank
Sitting on this park bench I just don't know. Where our relationship will go. But I think I have a pretty good idea. Please baby tell me I am wrong. I can see this is hard for you. What it is you are about to do. So much hesitation to fight through. As we discuss how we are through. Don't see this as good bye. I hope you can see through your tear filled eyes. Don't see this as good bye. I hope you know you will always be my. Fill in the blank. So many words I left unsaid. All theses thoughts running around in my sad head. Giving you my final embrace. I broke down. All these tears on my face.
Track Name: Mithrandir
This town is taking my down. Slowly piece by piece. I can feeling it closing in. It snuffs out my hope. I wish I could get away. To a nice place in the sun. We could be together. We could be. Maybe that day won't come. Maybe I won't taste that. I wish I had a Palantiri. I could see more clear.
Track Name: Me Versus The Many
There is a whole demographic of people out there. Who want to sweep you off your feet. At first they will come off so sweet. They will bring you cards, candy, and flower. But trust me girl it will all turn sour. Oh Aria don't give in. Oh Aria let me win. Oh Aria let us begin. Oh Aria. I try to mold vowels and consonants. And bring them together to form words. In a vain attempt to make my ideas real. All language fails me in connection with you. Your beauty is to powerful for words to pursue.